Debating is an advanced form of communication. It requires a high level of critical thinking skills and spontaneous responses to the opposing team. In a debate, there are two sides. Debate allows students from both sides to look at a topic from the lenses of multiple stakeholder groups. Therefore, debating promotes empathy and analytical skills. Furthermore, a debater must be an avid reader and researcher, which explains why many debaters have outstanding academic skills compared to their peers. 

Beginner’s Debate: Accelerate Your Thought is an introductory debate course from One Publique. In this course, students will learn the fundamental debate skills in 15 sessions, which aim to build the following:
  1. Build Craft: students will learn the methods to formulate basic debate speeches such as argument construction, structure such as signposting, thematic rebuttals, and summarizing the team’s cases.
  2. Build Confidence: students will learn to speak eloquently and confidently.
  3. Build Character: students acquire collaborative skills such as communication, teamwork, sportsmanship, team spirit, and a growth mindset.
  4. Build Content: students will be empowered with knowledge of current issues to be able to effectively engage in class discussions and case prepping sessions (this will be administered through homework assignments such as prepped motion, instructions to cover learning materials given, and prepare factsheets on specific topics).
Similar to all programs at One Publique, classes are hands-on and action-oriented. The learning atmosphere is encouraging and supportive, carefully designed by One Publique’s unique philosophy. 
Examples of activities that we do in class are as follows:
  1. Presentation on a principle, skill, current affairs topic
  2. Theme-based and guided discussion and/or quiz
  3. Debate round
  4. Drills (rebuttal exercise, case prepping exercise, interactive speech games)
Course Overview:
  • Debate Speech Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Debate
  • Model Building
  • Constructive Argumentation
  • Logical Fallacy and Refutations
  • Speaker Roles
Fundamental Concepts for Debate
The coaching team will cover hot trends in debate motions and current affairs that are controversial. In addition, the coaching team will include interactive lecture on the following topics to equip students with fundamental knowledge of classic debate concepts such as: Social Contract and the State’s Duty, Democracy and Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, Purpose of Punishment, Jury System, Trial by Media, Good Samaritan Law, Criminal Justice System, etc.
  • Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Each student will receive debate tournament news and invitations from One Publique. Should they decide to join any competitive tournaments, we are happy to provide debate coaching, chaperoning support, and event report services in the future.
15 sessions. Each session is 2 hours, totaling 30 hours.
11-18 years old
Group Size:
6 students only
Class Schedule
Saturday to SundayDuration
9:00-12:00 / 13:30-15:3015 weekly sessions
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