Critical thinking is a process of thinking and asking questions by challenging the existing information around us.
The Critical Thinking and Reading: Junior Level at One Publique course has been designed for young thinkers to increase their knowledge of current affairs. The classroom experience will integrate engaging multimedia and interactive exercises to encourage the students to raise their hands and share their opinions.
The course seeks to enrich the students’ general knowledge, which is a good foundation for young learners interested in debate. Regardless of their interest to become debaters, students will learn about global events which can be applied to their classroom. Most importantly, the students will learn to think critically and become changemakers for the world. 
Course objectives:
  • Students will be exposed to the basics of thematic concepts. In each class, a theme is carefully selected to spark curiosity and critical thinking in the discussions and activities.
  • Students will be given pointers on how to conduct independent research as homework, summarize the materials read from this research exercise, and think creatively from a problem-solving approach.
  • Students will be equipped with the basic general knowledge that will help them excel in debate.
  • Students will learn to provide constructive feedback and engage in peer learning.
  • All classes are run with hands-on, action-oriented activities in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere


Course Overview:

Week 1: Democracy and Civil Rights
Week 2: Freedom of Expression (Speech and Religion)
Week 3: Law and Punishment
Week 4: Education
Week 5: Human Rights
Week 6: Technology and Innovation
Week 7:  Feminism
Week 8:  Sports
Week 9:  State Duty
Week 10: Animal Rights
Week 11: Environment
Week 12: Media and Entertainment

12 sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours, totaling 18 hours.
9 years old and above
Group Size:
3-4 people
Group Size:
3-4 people
Class Schedule
Saturday to SundayDuration
9:00-10:30 / 10:30-12:00 / 13:00-14:30 / 14:30-16:0012 weeks
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