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One Publique เปิดสอนคอร์สด้าน Communication สำหรับองค์กร โดยเราสามารถออกแบบ Workshop ให้ตรงกับความต้องการขององค์กรได้ เวิร์คช็อปที่เราเสนอมีดังต่อไปนี้ ​​
  • Public Speaking Workshop for Organization 
  • Pitch like a pro: Pitching for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Givens Parr

Alisa is not only an expert speaker in her own right but also an effective teacher of public speaking. I was fortunate to partner with her and her team at One Publique to create a workshop on on-camera interviewing for the Brown University alumni community. Her presentation was engaging and dense with actionable information without being overwhelming.


Thidarat Sukhanindr

I was very impressed.I learned a lot of important knowledge and practical skills in pitching. For example, I learned that you should not look at your script too much because eye contact can increase the audience’s engagement. I learned about time management, business model, problem-solution framework, and how to look professional on Zoom. Thank you very much again.I got a lot of encouragement and helpful advice from Coach Alisa and fellow participants. It was a fabulous workshop. I left with a lot of inspiring and positive energy.


Pakakul Taweewan

The facilitator, Coach Alisa, was approachable and clear in her communication. We learned a lot. For example, we learned how to build positive impression with the listeners, how to engage the audience, and how to be concise. The content of the workshop was based on the facilitator’s experience and was told like a story, so the workshop was very interesting - not boring at all. I would love for a chance to have another workshop in-person because it would be fun.


Toemsak Polsri

I loved the recent workshop with Coach Alisa. I liked learning the various pitching structures and formats, and how they can be applied to different target audiences.Getting prepared in this workshop helped me a lot to understand how to be ready for effective communication to any targeted investors or audiences.

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