It is not an understatement to say that presentations can change the world. From Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch in 2007 to Dr. David Christian’s World History in 18 minutes, presentations are a powerful way to educate, persuade, inform, and inspire an audience. When done right, presentations are visually stunning and engaging to the senses. Its profound impact on the audience places it as one of the most important tools that you can use in the professional world. 

Nonetheless, students tend to create presentations that are text-heavy, overcrammed, or overly complex. 

Public Speaking Level 2: Present like a Pro builds on the foundation skills of Level 1. In this course, students will learn to become great presenters. They will learn to create a concise and engaging presentation. They will learn to handle questions from an audience. They will be equipped with the practical skills to create memorable and educational presentations for their peers and teachers.

Similar to Level 1, classes are hands-on and action-oriented. The learning atmosphere is encouraging and supportive, carefully designed by One Publique’s unique philosophy.
Course Overview:
  1. Sensory Aids in Presentation
  2. Structure of a Presentation
  3. Engaging the Audience
  4. Handling Q&A
  5. Presentation to Persuade
  6. Final Show Workshop
  7. Final Show Rehearsal I
  8. Final Show Rehearsal II
  9. Final Show
After the course, the student will get:
  1. Certificate of Completion 
  2. Video of their Final Show Performance
Including the Final Show Performance, the course has 9 sessions, 2 hours each, 18 hours in total. 
11-18 years old
Group Size:
4 people
Class Schedule
Weekdays (Monday to Wednesday)Weekends (Saturday to Sunday)
16:00-18:009:00-11:00 / 13:30-15:30/ 16:00-18:00
9 weekly sessions
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